segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2008


Worship is a huge thing.

We look forward to worship every week.

When the music includes one of our favorites, we say, "the worship was great!"

When the music stinks, we yawn and wonder why the worship wasn't very good.

We leave churches because of the "worship style".

Worship is a huge thing.

Have you ever wondered if we're more concerned with what worship does FOR us

and less concerned with the Object of our worship?

It seems like it's more about what we GET not what we GIVE

It would be like taking a gift to a friend's birthday party, but keeping it fo ourselves.

Worship is all about GIVING our lives (again) to God.

Worship is not about the feelings we receive when we sing.

Worship ir not about convincing God to bless us.

Worship is not about whether or not the guitar is too loud.

Worship is not about what's happening on the stage.

Worship is not about entertainmente, lighting, or sound.

Worship is not about us at all.


It's about Him.

And we enter through the gateway of the cross.

At the cross, we surrender

At the cross, we love

At the cross, we cry

At the cross, we dream

At the cross, we give up

At the cross, we shut up

At the cross, we kneel

At the cross, we confess

We look at God, and place Him above all else.

Because He is worth it!

Life gets crazy and painful.


No one can deny that.

No one is asking you to pretend that those things aren't affecting you.


You're just being invited to bring that stuff to the cross, and to simply gaze at Jesus. And as you look at Him, allow your response to be...


Não soube traduzir. Mas gostaria de postar o texto em português também.

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danieldliver disse...

Belíssimo vídeo. A música de fundo é do Jeremy Riddle, o pessoal de Vineyard tem uma versão em português. Não traduziu porque? Abraçow!

Anônimo disse...

nossa, que legal tudo isso!!!
nunca refleti tão sério sobre o real sentido da adoração.
isso é d+!!!
god bless u!!